And when the Sultan farts openly

إذا لحن الطاغوت يوماً بقــولةٍ قالوا على رِسلكم إنّه يُعربُ

وإذا ضرطَ السلطان جهراً بضرطةِ قالوا له ما هذا النفس الطيّـبُ!!

When one day the Tāghūt makes a la’hn [1] in his saying,

They will say ‘wait! It shall be [thus] given the I’irāb[2]

And when the Sultan farts openly

They[3] would say what is this nice breath!!!


And verily we say it with a raised voice and so each who has ears can hear: <<>

-Abū Mu’hammad Al Maqdesī فك الله أسره-

(Tabsīr ul ‘Uqalā)

[1] (Mistake in placing an I’irāb; dhamma, Fat’ha, Kasrah )

[2] Meaning: wait it will be given the I’irāb that way or it is a Mu’rab.

[3] Scholars of the Sultan


Ali said...

Good to see the blog return. what happened to the last?

Abu Khalid said...

Salam Alakium,

It was deleted by the kuffar. InshaAllah this one will last longer.

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