Islamic Foundations confused view of the Shia

This morning I came across an article on the web site of the Islamic Foundation of the Maldives entitled "A warm welcome with open arms" which spoke about the visit ofIranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to Lebanon and gave some observations.

Some of what the IFM has wrote in the past has been quite good such as their article on the evils of democracy, however this particular article illustrates several misunderstandings on their part, which I will address briefly given that these are misunderstandings which are also held be many Muslim brothers and sisters.

The author of the article refers to Hizbullah as an "Islamic group" and it seems that that is also his opinion about Ahmadinejad. Yet the fact is that Hizbullah and Ahmadinejad are Raafidah Shias, a kaffir group which has been declared outside of the folds of Islam by the Ulaama . Some examples of the statements of the early scholars regarding this group:

Verdict of Imam Malik: Hafiz ibn Hajar Makki (may Allah have mercy on him) writes in Al-Sawaiq al-Muhriqah, p.294:

“And from this verse, Imam Malik (may Allah have mercy on him), as reported from him, had deduced the verdict of kufr of Rawafid as they show hatred towards the Sahabah. He further states because the Sahabah causes them anger and every individual who is angered by the Sahabah is a kafir. This extraction is excellent as the verse in itself bears testimony to it. Therefore Imam Shafi (may Allah have mercy on him) has agreed with him (Imam Malik) on the verdict of declaring them [Rawafid]kafir and a large group of Imams agreed with him too.”

Verdict of Imam Ahmed:

“Imam al-Khilaal said: ‘Abd al-Malik ibn ‘Abd al-Hamid informed me saying: I heard Abu ‘Abd Allah [Imam Ahmad] say: ‘Whosoever reviles the Companions, then I fear disbelief for him like the Rawafid’. Then he said, ‘Whosoever reviles the Companions of the Prophet, then we do not believe he is safe from having rejected the Religion’.” (Sunnah lil-Khilaal, 3:493)

“Abu Bakr mentions I asked Abu ‘Abd Allah concerning the individual that verbally abuses Abu Bakr, Umar and A’ishah. He replied ‘I do not regard them to be Muslim.’ He further says ‘I have heard Malik say, ‘Whoever verbally abuses the Sahabah of Rasul Allah he has no share in Islam’.” (Sunnah lil-Khilaal, 3:493)

So these people are not Muslims and Hizbullah (Hizbu Shaitain more correctly) is not an Islamic group but a kaffir group who should be fought.

As for the Taghut Ahmadinejad then his kufr is clear. He is at the forefront of oppressing Ahlus Sunnah in Iran and his statements of disbelief are many. For example:

We see in the above video that this kaffir claims that it is the Shia's "hidden Imam" who controls the world, not Allah. This person has also slandered the Sahaba and declared many of them to be kaffir such as the following statement made on Iranian state television: “Talhah and Zubayr were of the Prophets companions, yet after his demise they became corrupted (turned their backs) and followed Muawiyah”.

It seems that the Islamic Foundation like many Muslims are unaware of the kufr of these people and what their real agenda is and rather they are confused by the Rafidaahs pretend support for the Palestians. The Zionist state is of course an enemy of Islam which must be completely demolished, but we should not let our hatred of it confuse ourselves and the saying "the enemy of your enemy is your friend" is not always true.

Hizbullah have tens of thousands of men and advanced weaponry and yet they do not attack Israel. What is stopping them? The fact is that they speak tough in order to garner support and in order to confuse the Muslims but in reality they do nothing and they intend to do nothing. In fact they are a barrier and they prevent the Mujahideen from reaching Palestine in the same way that the Jordanians prevent them from the east and the Egyptians from the south. If Hizbullah where honest then if they wont fight themselves at least they should give a corridor for the Mujahideen to pass through to fight the Jews.

Iran is the same. Almost every day we hear rhetoric about attacking Israel yet this is something of which they have no intention and this is a country which has assisted the US invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan and which wages war on Ahlus Sunnah throughout the world and especially in Iran itself.

The author of the article finished by saying this:

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, a US surrogate in the region wants to undermine the influence of Hezbollah by creating a deep Sunni-Shia divide within Lebanon. Saudi Arabian backed armed men have recently tried to challenge the authority of Islamic group Hamas over the Gaza Strip.
Now we certainly agree with the brother in that Saudi Arabia is a US ally and what Islam says about this is that it is major kufr. The scholars of Islam agree that whoever allies with the kuffar against the Muslims is a kaffir like them. Of course this is also the same ruling which is on the Lebanese government and most importantly on the government here in the Maldives. They are a group of kuffar who have left Islam and must be removed. InshaAllah groups such as the IFM will come out and say this and educate the people on it.

As for the "sunni - shia" divide then there is no need to create this as it is something which has existed since the Shia sect broke away from Ahlus Sunnah over 1400 years ago. What this divide really is is not an inter Islamic divide but a divide between Islam and kufr. There should be no unity with the Shia and no desire for such. If a person wants unity with these people then he really does not understand them or else he does not understand Islam.

Hamas was once an Islamic resistance group, but in recent years they have morphed into a nationalist liberation group which dresses itself in Islamic clothing. They have ruled the Gaza strip for some time now and yet they have not imposed Sharia nor have they any intention of doing so. This can be seens by their own statements as pointed out by Sheikh Abu Muhammad Al Maqdisi in his article "Refutation of the statement of the Mufti of Hamas":

Ahmed al-Betawy; Hamas’s representative in the Palestinian council of legislations, said in an interview with “Al-Ghad” Jordanian newspaper on 20/02/2006 Ad, “With regards to the fears for some narrow-mindedness, imposing Hijab (perfect veil), or restricting including the freedoms of women, these fears are not true. We are not a young movement or rabble-rousers, but rather we have a historical extension across the Muslim Brothers group who are known for their moderate ideologies… We will not implement Shari’ah. However we will do as much as possible to adhere to the principles of Islam with wisdom and good advice….”.He said: “Hamas does not ever think of establishing an Islamic state or to implement Shari’ah at this time”.

• Dr. Nasser Ed-Deen Ash-Sha’er, the vice-chairman of Isma’eel Hannya, said: “law is to be imposed on everybody, and whoever does not want law, then he is to go to hellfire”.

I say, please contemplate the way they convert the truth into falsehood. The truth is that whoever does not want THE TRUTH is to go to Hellfire”.

• Reuters, on 23/02/2006, the new head of the council of legislations, Azeez ad-Dweek, said: “The new Palestinian government under the leadership of Hamas is not going to adopt the principles of the Islamic Shari’ah in their daily life, and is not going to close down cinemas or restaurants offering spirituous liquors!”. He said “No one in the Hamas movement intends to implement Shari’ah by force. This is out of the question on our program and we are not going to exercise this”.

I say, what about killing the Muahedeen (Believers in the oneness of Allah) and destroying their mosques, for you there is no harm in exercising it by force… this is always possible on your program… isn’t it…?!

• Ahmed Yaseen was asked: “If the socialist party won, what will your attitude be?

The answer: “Even if the socialist party won, I’d respect the inclination of the Palestinian people…!!

Question: “If it happened to appear from elections that the Palestinian people want a democratic multi-party country, what will your attitude be?”

Sheikh Ahmed Yaseen’s answer: “Oh God! We are a nation who has honor and rights. If the Palestinian nation expressed their refusal of the Islamic state, I respect and magnify their inclination!!”… Please see Ahmed Yaseen, the miraculous phenomenon and the myth of challenge…. (Dar al-Furqan: pp. 116 & 118)

So how can a group who is not imposing or seeking to impose Sharia be described as "Islamic", never mind the fact that they engage in democracy and have said they will recognise the State of Israel and its right to exist. All this opposes Islam clearly.

Finally the brother has claimed that those who "challanged the authority" of the Taghut Hamas where in fact backed by Saudi Arabia. Where is the proof and evidence for this? What these groups where doing where fighting to make the word of Allah supreme and when they declared an Islamic State in Gaza Hamas attacked them and slaughtered them inside their Mosque. And these "Salafi Jihadi" groups are the real Mujahideen who inshaAllah will replace Hamas as the dominant group in Palestine and will wipe the state of Israel from the face of this earth with the Permission of Allah.


Abu Khalid said...

InshaAllah I will give more detailed information on Hamas and on the Rafidaah Shia in the near future as this is an issue on which there is much confusion.

Anonymous said...

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is the sixth and current President of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The son of a blacksmith, Ahmadinejad was born on 28 October 1956 in Garmsar, near Tehran. He holds a PhD in Traffic and Transport from Tehran's University of Science and Technology. By profession, he is an engineer and a teacher.

Ahmadinejad became the President of Iran on 3 August 2005, and was re-elected in 2009 amid international criticism. The western media portrayed that his re-election has stirred Iran’s worst political unrest since the 1979 Islamic Revolution.

Ahmadinejad is a controversial figure internationally, but has gained popularity among his citizens because of his stand to continue Iran's nuclear energy program against the western criticism and the refusal to recognise Israel as a legitimate state.

Due to his courage shown against the United States and the Zionist regime, Ahmadinejad has received recognition among the Muslims all over the world including the Maldives. Many Muslims consider him as a hero who has the courage to speak on behalf of all the Muslims, against the US led pressure.

He has repeatedly slated the Zionist state of Israel at international forums and in public rallies, and has openly called for an end to the apartheid Israeli state.

Ahmadinejad rejected the Jewish version of the Holocaust and described it as a myth. In October 2005 he made a controversial statement, in which he envisaged the replacement of Zionist state of Israel with a Palestinian state. The western media interpreted the statement saying that he called to wipe off Israel from the world map.

In an address to the United Nations last September, President Ahmadinejad said some segments within the US government orchestrated the 9/11 attacks to reverse the declining American economy and tighten its grips on the Middle East, in order also to save the Zionist regime. Ahmadinejad proposed that the United Nations set up an independent fact-finding commission to determine what happened on September11, 2001.

Considering the divisions and current situation of Muslims around the world, Ahmadinejad is not in favour of military intervention against the Zionist state of Israel, saying instead Israel would vanish on its own.In his recent state visit to Lebanon, Ahmadinejad said the Zionist regime is sliding towards collapse, and no power on earth is capable of saving it.

He is also an outspoken critic against veto power of the UN Security Council's five permanent members, calling to extend the same privilege to the Muslims, as the population of the Muslim world is more than 1.5 billion.


Written by: Ibrahim Mohamed

16 October 2010, Saturday

8 Zulqaida 1431

Ahmed As Salafi said...


I do not agree with your Aqeedah and it seems that much of what you write is that of the Qutbis and the Khawaarij. I do agree with you on this subject however and it is of much importance today as a group of Shia have risen here in the Maldives and are propagating their beliefs and trying to recruit others. The people of knowledge in the Maldives have already refuted them and warned against them but many are still unaware of this group and so it is important for us to continue showing where they have went astray. The IFM is also an astray group and articles like this are opening peoples minds towards the Shia and laying the groundwork for others more astray people to come along and mislead the people in mass.

As for yourself Abu Khalid you are also astray and I will return in future to point out where. You should go to the people of knowledge rather than writing what you yourself see as knowledge even though it is in fact far from that. May you be guided to the way of the Salaf.

loveyourmuslimbrother said...

We Muslim people no matter what we are sunni or sufi or shia or shafi should all just unite as we are all Muslim. Why let some little differences get in the way of being united.

Abu Khalid said...


The point dear brother is that the Rafidaah are not our Muslim brothers but kuffar. Because a person claims to be Muslim does not mean it is so and we must be careful with this group in particular as they are liars. Why do you want to unite with those who slander the Sahaba and make takfeer on most of them? Do you not get angry that these dogs call Aisha (RA) an adulteress?

My advise to you my brother is to go and read more on this group as you are speaking about them without knowledge, but inshaAllah the issue will become clear to you in time. I also once believed similar to what you do but that was before I really knew who the Shia where.

Abu Khalid said...

:Ahmed As Salafi,

Apologises for the late reply. Really there is nothing to write in reply to your claims until you give evidence to support whatever you are claiming, not just in relation to me but to the others you have labelled astray. It certainly is not the way of the Salaf to throw about allegations in such a manner as you have done.

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