The Kufr of Democracy

Sheikh Abu Muhammad Al Maqdisi (HA)

The Most High said:

“Indeed, the religion with Allah is Islam.” [al-‘Imran, 19] And the Most High said: “And I was pleased with Islam as your religion.”

[al-Ma’idah, 3] 

So, we worship by it and we declare our disavowal from everything that opposes it. We disbelieve in everything that negates it or opposes it from the disbelieving methodologies, false ways, and corrupt Madhahib[schools of thought], and from that, the modern innovation of Kufr, that of democracy. So whoever follows it, and seeks it, then they have sought a religion other than Islam. The Most High said:

“And whoever seeks a religion other that Islam it will never be accepted from him, and in the hereafter he will be from he losers.”

[al-‘Imran, 85] 

for this reason, we declare as a Kafir, the one who legislates in accordance with the Din of democracy (legislation for the people, by the people), just as we also declare as a Kafir, the one who chooses, appoints, or elects on his behalf, a legislator. This is because he has [in that] sought a judge, legislator and lord besides Allah. The Most High said:

“Or do they have partners that have legislated for them in the Din that which Allah has given no permission for?”

[ash-Shura. 21]

And the Most Glorified said:

“They took their rabbis and priests as lords besides Allah.”

[at-Tawbah, 31]
Having said that, we do not declare as Kuffar, the generality of people who participate in the elections, for not all of them seek legislating lords in their participation in it. Rather, from them are those that seek to choose representatives for worldly services for living. In this matter the tribulation has spread far and wide. And the motives of the candidates for election differ-among those that do not directly take part in or practice legislation, such as the representatives. For that reason, we do not proceed to pronounce Takfir of the individuals among them as we do with those that directly perform clear Kufr such as legislation and its likes.

And we say: taking part in legislative elections is an action of Kufr and we do not make general Takfir. Rather, we differentiate between a persons performance of an action of Kufr, and placing the ruling of Kufr upon him, of what that implies of establishing the evidence if the affairs become confused and the matters become mixed up, as well as the consideration [given to] the motives in the likes of these issues.

Sheikh Abu Muhammad Al Maqdisi - This is our Aqeedah


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